Lance Lusignan For State Representative of the 34th District
Lance Lusignan        For State Representativeof the 34th District   


Independent Party Candidate 

State Representative of the 34th District

Have You Had Enough, Reverse our Course.


We live in very challenging times.  The Democrats and Republicans have created so much chaos that as Americans we don't know what to believe anymore.  This cannot continue to have a successful society.  The only way to put a wedge in our two party majority system is by giving third party candidates the opportunity in our Local, State and National races.  The Independent Party of Connecticut is the 3rd largest block of voters in Connecticut.  We need to bring stability and civilty back to our politics.  I am running as an Independent candidate to do just that.  We need leaders who are going to be proactive in their decisions not reactive.  As you will see on my platform page, Eversource was not prepared for storms that occurred earlier this past decade however their unpreparedness slip through the cracks and they were again unprepared for Tropical Storm Isaias.  Their unacceptable response yet again should pave the way for changes at Eversouce.  Our politicians did not hold them accountable and were not proactive. Eversource was unprepared again which now forces our politicians to be reactive 


Our small businesses are fighting for survival.  There is no reactive assistance for them from the State level.  They didn't ask for this Covid-19 event.  I do not see either of my opponents mentioning any assistance for small businesses.  We have serious problems and we need serious people to meet these challenges. 


Today, we live in a complex world filled with many ideologies.  Our constituents need a State Representative who is going to be laser focus on their needs.    



" To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. "
-Anatole France

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