Lance Lusignan For State Representative of the 34th District
Lance Lusignan        For State Representativeof the 34th District   


The Police Accountabilty Bill that was passed doesn't solve the problem.  It just puts a band-aid to appease the protesters  The problem our legislators have is they immediately react to a situation without thinking it through.  The legislature acted due to protesters that wanted to defund the police.  Yes, I agree there needs to be changes but not to a degree that all those good police officers eligible for retirement will retire.  All good police officers will look to change careers.  Where will that leave us as a once outstanding profession will be reduced to rubble  We have become anti-police where as in 9/11 they we were our hero's.  In less than 20 years, the switch has been flipped.  For some reason, hollywood actors, professional athletes, musicians have become our rock stars where in reality it should be our police officers, fire fighters and teachers.   There needs to be a community conversation to make it right.  As in any industry, there are really good people and there are bad apples. 


In our District, I will bring together the relevant players to drill down on the changes that need to be made to make policing the once outstanding profession that it is was and is suppossed to be.  I will then bring those changes to Hartford to make it right.  

Ichabod Crane Character on Sales Tax

October 7, 2013 "Sleepy Hollow" TV You Tube Clip

After visiting a convenience store, Ichabod Crane says to female detective in vehicle.


"Is this correct, this meal cost $4.95, Dear God with an additional tax of $0.41, what's insane is a 10% levy on baked goods, you do realize the Revolutionary War began on less tha 2%.  How is the public not flocking to the streets in outrage.  We must do something".



Taxation without Efficient Representation.  The CT Income Tax, the Casino's and now the discussion of Tolls. By the way, I do not support Tolls as it would just be another tax  All of these were supposed to or are supposed to boost tax revenue but we keep spending More. Where does it end!  Connecticut ranks No. 2 at having the highest tax rates in the country.  We are almost No. 1.  Let that sink in for a moment.  We have to stop this train wreck.  Sales of meals and certain beverages are taxed at 7.35% and our CT Sales tax is 6.35%.  Plastic bags are .10 cents but at every turn in the grocery store there is plastic so basically plastic bags are nothing more than just another tax.  Where does it end! We need to be fiscally responsible.  We are a small State and should not have one of the highest tax rates in the country.  We need to Curb Spending.  My first course of action would be to work on having a permanent Tax Holiday on clothes, footwear, etc.  Necessities of Life should Not be Taxed.  The State of Connecticut has over 350 taxes on the books its about time we start reversing course.  

Eversource is a monopoly in our neck of the woods.  They have their hands in almost every form of government.  What did Theodore Roosevelt do to monoplies, he broke them up.  In this case you can't really break up Eversource but we can make changes so they do not make our people's lives difficult.  I propose to work hard to change their leadership, stop the rate increases to pad their bottom line and senior management corporate incentives (5 Highest Paid Eversource Executives earned a total of $40m last year with their CEO making $19.8m).  I am all for capitalism but not monopoly practices as is evident with Eversource.  Their response to Tropical Storm Isias was horrendous. They should have learned from previous storms where we were out of power for weeks but they didn't. Eversource was unprepared for this storm again.  They should have had more lineman on staff and more crews from other States here ready to respond once it was safe to go out after the storm.  We have to make Eversource accountable for their actions.  I would also work hard to have Eversource have a fund to reimburse customers after 24 hours without power.  I would look to have a credit for each day after the 24 hour mark without power and reimburse customers for spoiled food due to a power outage.   

Small Businesses Connecticut is one of the most unfriendly business environments in the country.  Connecticut just doesn't get it.  The more prosperous and successful small businesses are the State of Connecticut benefits however during this time of crisis the State of CT has contributed to the many closing of our businesses and businesses leaving the State.  I know at least 2 businesses in our District that have to close due to the crisis at hand.  I will work hard to make Connecticut a more friendly place to do business.  I will also work hard with the small businesses in District 34 to make sure that they have all the resources available to ensure their success.  I have an open door policy and will work tirelessly to make sure the businesses in our District are successful.  Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy.

Housing and Homelessness I will work hard on legislation to assist renters who have no where to turn.  The eviction moratorium will be up soon, even if it is extended, there will be months of rent due for local residents.  How do they ever catch up?  This will cause a cascade of issues that will lead to catastrophic results such as mass evictions. foreclosures, blight and defaults.  The State will most certainly have to step in and help.  This has all been caused by Covid-19.  If the State is going to close down small businesses and then limit their business.  The State needs to answer with some sort of financial assistance for our local residents that can't pay their rent.  I will also work hard to curb homelessness.  This is a public health crisis that needs to be dealt with.  We can't allow what's happening all over the country with homelessness to occur in our own backyard.  In a Covid world where does a homeless person go if they don't have a home?  Many homeless shelters have had to limit their beds due to the pandemic thus leaving many homeless with no beds.  The cold weather is coming soon.  I will work hard for those that need a bed to sleep in to keep them safe.

Another one of my pet peeves is Affordable Internet.  Comcast in our area is another monopoly in our neck of the woods.  They really are the only show in town with speeds that are conducive to do business.  With so many of us today having to work from home the cost of Internet is unreasonable.  Comcast executives are highly paid.  Their CEO earnd $36.4 million in 2019.  I will work hard to bring Comcast to the table in our area to bring affordable Internet to our homes.  Frontier is another choice in the market but there speeds are nowhere near the speeds of Comcast and Comcast knows it.  Frontier also has intermittent issues with their service so really Comcast is the only show in town.   

Increase Incentives for Solar Power as Clean Renewable Energy.  Solar Power has been around for a while but is still the wave of the future.  It sort of reminds me a little of flat screen TV's.  Remember when flat screen TV's used to be between $1,500 to $2,000 several years ago.  However, those same TV's are now around $300 to $500.  Solar panel technology is getting better and prices are coming down.  However, they are not coming down fast enough.  We need to get solar down faster like the flat screen TV's.  Thus we need to up the ante on State incentives.  The federal rebate is at 26% and will go lower after December 31, 2020 to 22%.  I will work to revise our Connecticut State incentives for Solar Power to make it more in line with how the Federal rebate works and increase the State incentive to make up the difference for the decrease in both Federal and State rebates.

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